How the recruitment agency worth working with your organisation?

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Find a recruitment & manpower agency worth working with your organisation

Current industry’s best practice about recruitment & placement process:

This ultimate guide for choosing an HR recruitment & placement agency/manpower placement agency will help you find a suitable applicant/competitor/candidate that best fits your hiring needs and in your budget. Now a day it’s a critical headache for any organisation to find the quality’s applicant/competitor/manpower for their organisation at the appropriate time.

During the hiring process, it’s very difficult to manage all the recruitment process i.e. from beginning to till joining, especially for any small & mid-level organisation that don’t have the hiring expert & talent acquisition team.

In this blog, we will present a process and offer useful tips for choosing the right talent acquisition/recruitment & placement agency/recruitment & manpower consultant this suit to your organisation.

What is an HR Recruitment agency or placement consultant?

A recruitment agency is a company that is known as a middle-man between companies & job seekers/ applicants/ competitors /candidates. Recruitment, placement or manpower consultant or agencies find employees for other companies who need them. In other words, recruitment & placement agencies work as a bridge between companies who are looking for employees and people who are looking for a job.

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Recruitment Process: 

Reason for choosing the recruitment & placement agency or manpower consultant for your organisation:

In the present profoundly serious, up-and-comer driven employment market, finding and hiring the perfect competitor/applicants/candidates/manpower is very critical. This is the reason numerous organizations tie-up with the recruitment & placement agencies to assist them with selecting the correct individuals/ candidate/ manpower for their open positions.

Here we are explaining about 05 main reasons; why companies prefer recruitment or placement agencies’ services:

#1. To save your organisation’s time

There are two (02) main ways in which employing a recruitment agency or manpower consultant can save your company’s time.

First, the hiring process may be quite time-consuming. Employing a recruitment agency can facilitate you to save your employees’ time & effort for an end to the end i.e from beginning to till joining process.

Second, recruitment or placement agencies are highly professionals & experts in talent acquisition who can recruit the numbers of people within a short span. This is often why they probably have already got candidates in their applicant pool who are precisely the right appropriate for your open job positions. This is often an excellent advantage that will significantly shorten the complete cycle recruiting process. In other words, you’ll hire the simplest candidate much faster.

#2. To improve the hiring quality in minimum time

The second main reason for choosing the recruitment agency or outsource the hiring process by many companies is to improve their quality of hire. The main advantage of outsourcing the hiring/recruitment process to any recruitment or placement agency is that most of them are professionally expert/specialized in certain industries or functions, which means they already, have an excellent database of talent at their disposal.

#3. In house recruiter/hiring expert not required

Some companies/organisation, such as startups and small or mid-level companies, don’t have a dedicated in-house recruiter or talent acquisition team. These companies lack the expertise in end to end recruitment process i.e. from beginning to till joining and adequate resources & modern hiring tools/portals to find and hire the best candidates/manpower for their organisation. Such types of organisation/companies want to ensure that their recruitment/hiring process should be smooth & effectively without any headache & interception in the current work. That is why they approach the professionally expert recruitment agency in their industry and they choose the services of recruitment agencies without any in-house recruiter in their organisation.              

#4. Minimize the hiring cost

Before we dive into how to reduce costs, it’s worth thinking about what you’re spending at the moment, and how you’re spending it in process of recruitment or hiring a new employee in your organisation. The cost of entire hiring for a new team member depending on how you calculate that cost if you take into account from the onboarding period to till they get up to full working speed and the average cost of replacing a single employee is cheaper than your hiring expert team. Generally, any small & mid-level organisation hire the 10-20 employees (depend on the organisation hierarchy & size) every financial year that is cheaper than the entire fixed cost of talent acquisition & in-house recruitment or hiring team.

#5. For additional security

For many companies/organisations, the foremost important advantage of outsourcing the hiring process to any recruitment agency rather than in-house talent acquisition or recruiter’s team is that recruitment agencies offer additional security in terms of finance or budget in your hiring when it involves new hire retention. All the recruitment agencies offer guarantee replacement periods. This implies that they guarantee you that your newly hired applicant/manpower will continue in your company for a specific period of your time (usually 03-06 months). If your new hire is terminated from any side (i.e. from employee or employer side with valid reason) or leaves before the expiry of a guarantee period (according to the MOU contract between companies & recruitment agency), recruitment agencies will provide you a right away replacement or full refund or particular hiring cost will be adjusted on next hiring process. Mostly, you will find a new, replacement candidate for your organisation with none extra cost. In short, choosing the correct recruitment or placement agency can facilitate your recruit and retain the correct/suitable manpower faster and even cheaper.

How to find a recruitment agency for your hiring needs?

After providing the above-mentioned information about the recruitment/hiring process for any companies/organisation & how they can be benefited in terms of time, effort & money for their hiring needs. As we would like to inform our organisation i.e. Aims Global Consultants provides the hiring/recruitment support to many corporate organisations. Our organisation mainly engaged in HR Recruitment & Manpower Placement Service for the last 07 years in Kolkata, India.

We have completely orchestrated an unbelievable relationship up with effectiveness causing plans for setting in uncommon establishments and endeavors where we can land the best position offer to figure in the sound relationship for an extended decade with charming gatherings. Regardless of the way that we have a great database of proficient/talented and semi-skilled experts through whom we offer appropriate direction, controlling for the case during a couple of areas, for example, junior, mid, senior-level executives.

Always contact us for the hiring needs of your companies/organisations. Our professional recruitment team will assist you the hire the best talents/manpower from the industry.

For details contact us
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