10 Actionable Works from Home Employee Engagement Ideas

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Looking for ACTIONABLE ideas to have interaction with your employees who are working or engaging from home due to COVID 19 pandemic? We are explaining 10 great remote employee engagement ideas with you! All ideas are very easy and completely unengaged to implement.

How to motivate and have interaction with employees performing from home?

Wondering the way to motivate and have interaction with your employees who are working or engaging from home?

During this blog post, we’ll share with you 10 actionable ideas you’ll be able to put in practice right away! These ideas are very easy to implement and value absolutely nothing.

So let’s dive right into it!

Remote work: 10 great ideas to interact with employees or employee engagement idea:

Here are some favorite ways to motivate and interact with remote employees who are working from home:

# 01: Remote work playbook

Setting clear expectations is that the very first thing you would like to try to if you would like to make sure high engagement among your employees who are performing from home. Do your employees know exactly what’s expected of them while they work from home?

To make that clear for all of your employees, you must institute an overseas work policy or so-called “remote work playbook”. This is often a document that explains how your company implements remote work

  • Working hours: does one have strict working hours otherwise you allow your employees to figure whenever they want? At what time of the day should your employees be available online and thru which channels?
  • Regular (online) meetings: does one have some regular daily, weekly, or monthly meetings your employees should attend?
  • Communication channels: what communication channels and tools do one use? Does one use different communication channels and tools for various purposes?
  • Troubleshooting: Who can your employees address for help if they need any difficulties and challenges associated with remote work?

# 02: Regular check-ins

Regular check-ins together with your employees is a must when you’re working remotely. Regular check-ins will make sure that your remote teams are on an equivalent page regarding their work duties. However, these meetings have additional value – they’re going to create a way of togetherness.

The best practice is to possess a daily team or department check-ins, weekly coordination meetings, and monthly all-hands meetings. Confirm your team leaders also keep their regular one-on-one meetings also.

You can prefer to have these meetings via messenger, chat, or speaking face-to-face on a video call – whatever works best for your team.

# 03: Online team buildings

There are many various online activities and games you’ll use to assist your remote employees to get to understand each other and build stronger connections.

What sort of team-building you ought to organize should be directed by your company culture and your employees’ wishes? Considering suggesting a couple of options and asking your remote employees to settle on the one they like.

Here are just a couple of ideas to urge your creative juices flowing:

  1. Company culture workshop
  2. Hackathon
  3. Online board games
  4. Quiz
  5. Gaming session
  6. Karaoke or movie night.

# 04: Online knowledge sharing sessions

According to the research project, knowledge sharing within the workplace is that the process of sharing expertise, information, and skills among employees during a company. This process happens relatively spontaneously when employees are working side by side, but when employees are working remotely, you would like to place in some effort to structure it.

Here are a couple of good practices which will assist you to start online knowledge sharing sessions:

  1. Mentoring program
  2. Webinar watching
  3. Book club
  4. Problem-solving workshops
  5. Discussion group
  6. Monthly presentation or an interview.

# 05: Online recognition ritual

According to Gallup research, recognition not only boosts individual employee engagement, but it also has been found to extend productivity and loyalty to the corporate, resulting in higher retention. Gallup’s data reveal that the foremost effective recognition is honest, authentic, and individualized to every employee.

This is why it’s essential that you simply institute a web recognition system for your remote employees. There are many various ways to try it, but I suggest you begin with something very simple and absolutely free.

# 06: Virtual coffee breaks

At the office, bite s tend to be spontaneous – people simply swing by their colleague’s desk and invite them for a fast collation. Taking short breaks from work to satisfy up with colleagues has been proven to be effective for enhancing employee engagement and productivity.

This is why you ought to definitely believe implementing “virtual coffee breaks” when your employees are working remotely. “Virtual coffee breaks” are simply short (usually 15 to 30 min) video calls during which your employees close for a round of chitchat over a cup of coffee.

Here are some tips to form your “virtual coffee breaks” a success:

Ø  Schedule them regularly at predictable times: whether you opt to possess your company’s “virtual coffee break” once per day or every week, make it predictable. This may make it stick easier.

Ø  Establish some alternate rules: Are your “virtual coffee breaks” completely casual and optional? Or do I have some rules (such as no phones or checking messages are on time, etc.)?

Ø  Keep it up to at least one to 2 “tables” max: if you’ve got larger teams, break your “virtual coffee breaks” into smaller groups in order that everyone is often heard.

# 07: Video meetings

Chances are your employees will need to attend tons of video calls and meetings while working remotely. That’s understandable because face to face communication is that the fastest and easiest method to urge all of your remote team members on an equivalent page.

However, if you would like to stay your employees engaged during your video meetings, confirm to not schedule them too often. Video meetings should be reserved for discussion and urgent issues and that they should only involve people that have something to contribute to them.

Each of your video meetings has got to have a transparent purpose and well-defined agenda that’s shared beforehand before the meeting starts, so everyone can come prepared. It’s also an honest idea to possess a fanatical timekeeper and facilitator. Confirm you rotate these roles and provides each of your team members an opportunity to run a gathering, as this may help keep them engaged.

# 08: Virtual “water cooler” space

Another thing that’s missing from the virtual office space is the chance for your employees to satisfy their colleagues by the water coolers and have interaction in some chitchat. “Water cooler talk” is that the term won’t explain casual discussions between co-workers about non-work-related topics.

Personal interactions are an important part of each company culture because they create work meaningful and enjoyable. These casual talks provide opportunities for your team members to return to the urge to understand one another better. This is often why you ought to introduce a virtual device space!

# 09: Friday close-off meetings

When we work on-site, leaving the office symbolizes the top of the workday and workweek. However, once you are working and chilling at an equivalent place, it is not very easy to take care of boundaries between working and resting.

Thus it comes as no surprise that a comprehensive State of Remote Work 2020 research conducted by Buffer has found that the third biggest challenge of remote employees is unplugging from work.

This is a really significant issue because staying plugged in means your employees aren’t ready to rest, which can eventually cause burnout. To stop it, we suggest instituting company-wide so-called Friday close off meetings.

# 10: Engagement surveys

Building and maintaining strong employee engagement are often challenging once you have remote employees – especially if they’re not won’t to remote work. Your remote employees could be facing different challenges, but you won’t realize them unless you ask.

It is unlikely your remote employees will feel your daily get up meetings are an appropriate place to deal with their concerns. Since face to face time is comparatively rare and valuable within the remote working setting, you won’t have the chance to ascertain if your remote employees are handling some work-related issues.

This is why you ought to conduct periodic engagement surveys regularly! Try sending out these surveys a minimum of once a month. That way, you’ll be ready to compare results and see if there are any changes or issues that require to be tackled.

Here a couple of engagement questions for remote employees you ought to definitely include in your survey:

  1. What does one think could help us to enhance daily communication?
  2. Does one desire you’ll easily reach your colleagues once you need them?
  3. How can we assist you to improve your work from home experience?
  4. Are you cheerful together with your productivity level?
  5. What’s the most important challenge you’re currently facing while working remotely?

The most important part of conducting employee engagement surveys is to act on them! Sign up together with your remote employee who is experiencing challenges and make an idea to successfully tackle those challenging issues.

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