05 things about how to find a suitable job in Kolkata that you must know?

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How to get the best job in Kolkata?


Before you engage with any company or industry that best job in Kolkata or anywhere in India, take a flash to reflect on what you actually want from your new job. Knowing this may assist you to identify what to seem for throughout your best job search in Kolkata and put your best foot forward. We’ll explain step by step during this blog post.

  • How to spot and present your qualifications, experiences, personal attributes and capabilities to employers or companies?
  • How to develop a powerful personal pitch when reproving prospective employers or companies?
Step to find the best job in Kolkata that suit according to your profile & skills:

job consultancy in Kolkata

Step: #1. Define suitable industries or companies would suit you the best.

In the first step let’s start about what you enjoy, and which industries or companies would suit you best. If you’ll list five belongings you want from a job in Kolkata, what would they be?

Do you love helping people learn, or enjoy working with numbers—or perhaps you wish a position that gives flexible hours?

To get to understand yourself better, ask your friends, family, and colleagues which words they think to explain your best and what you’re greatest strengths you have?

  • Personality tests may also assist you to recognize the traits that come to you naturally. Begin by writing down your qualifications, academic achievements and ‘hard skills’ — things that may be defined and measured, sort of a diploma in accounting, years of experience in web design, or a degree in nursing.
  • Next, pinpoint what causes you to value to a company—beyond your work experience or qualifications. Such as, leadership, teamwork and communication skills describe how you interact with others. These ‘soft skills’ have become more and more important across all industries and are worthwhile highlighting when applying for a job in Kolkata
  • To help shortlist your main skills, consider both challenges and successes you’ve encountered within the past, and consider which skills helped you in these situations the foremost.
  • After identifying your skills, it’s time to have confidence in how you may persuade potential employers you’re right for the role. This may encounter in your CV or resume letter or might happen naturally during the course of an interview.
  • Highlight your greatest professional accomplishments. If you’re new an industry, be happy to require general success stories from your life – just check that you just concentrate on the transferable attributes relevant to the position being applied for. As an example, any achievement at university or a volunteering role will be used to demonstrate your great communication or problem-solving skills.

Remember to focus on why you wish to join in this industry or company and show your potential employer how motivated you’re to join for his or her company.

Step: #2. Apply for roles with polished CVs and covering letters’

A CV or resume is commonly the primary impression you get to create with prospective employers, so it’s important these documents make a mark. Whether you’re delivering your story on paper or on a web platform like LinkedIn, you may get to include some key points in order that your story comes across clearly and persuasively.

  • The essential elements to incorporate in your CV and cover letter
  • How your personal web presence like website, social media, and emails may be wont to deliver similar information digitally?

In this step, we’ll explain to you the way to prepare a CV that clearly shows potential employers what you’ll offer. You’ll also find out how to write down a transparent and persuasive resume & cover letter that may land you that all-important interview.

Let’s start with the way to write an excellent CV.

Think of your CV as a written summary of your personal, professional and social attributes that prove why you are the ideal candidate for a job in Kolkata in Kolkata or anywhere in India

While there aren’t any official rules for the way it should look, here are some key points you’ll definitely want to include: –

· Your contact information like your official name, contact number or mobile number and email

· A summary section at the highest, describing in 2-3 sentences who you’re and what you’ve got to supply

· Details of your previous work experience, including company names, job titles, and begin and end dates

· Add a short summary of your roles and achievements that emphasise the talents or skills required for the work being applied for

· You’ll also want to incorporate details of any diplomas, certificates or exams you’ve passed alongside dates and possibly grades if this information has relevancy for your industry.

· A good practice is to stay your CV limited to only the foremost relevant and up to date information and share it during a PDF or MS word format only.

· Take under consideration recruiters and employers undergo dozens of CVs for every open role. Ensure that your CV stands out, and always tailor your CV to the position you’re applying for.

Now you’ve completed your CV, it’s time to write down a proper cover letter which will help add colour to your application and summarise what you offer.

· Always make the hassle to spot and address the recruiter or hiring manager directly, avoiding generic “To Whom it may Concern” openings where possible. The cover letter is usually the primary impression you create, so it’s important they feel what they receive was written specifically for them.

· Keep the cover letter short and professional, and avoid simply repeating what you’ve already stated in your CV. Instead, explain why you’re an excellent match for this specific role in three or four paragraphs.

· Start by including your personal motivations, and articulate why you’re so well matched for the role. Take care to not overuse the word “I”, and keep it focused on how you’ll be able to help their organisation.

· Finally, close your letter with a transparent next step, like “I anticipate or look forward to hearing from you” or similar. If submitting a hardcopy, sign it with ink for that handwritten touch.

· If you’re emailing your CV and cover letter, then the e-mail you write should follow similar rules as before.

· Keep your subject line clear and easy, like “Job application – Role title – YOUR NAME”, or include the work reference number if one exists.

Now that you simply have the tools to make those all-important documents, you’re able to start searching and applying for jobs confidently. Remember to proofread your CV and covering letters, and always tailor them for the particular job in Kolkata or anywhere in India, you’re applying for.

Step: #3.Develop your personal brand

Recruiters often got to sift through piles of applications before shortlisting their candidates. So what are you able to do to create sure you stand out from the crowd? Developing a solid and authentic online presence can assist you to engage recruiters and provides them a transparent and accurate indication of who you’re. During this step, find out:

  • How online tools can assist you to review and audit your existing digital footprint?
  • How social media, blogs, and online communities will help you to create your personal brand and online identity?

Your personal brand is that the combination of private attributes, values, strengths, and passions that individuals know and value you for — it is the perceptions others have about you supported the sum of your actions. a powerful personal brand is intentionally cultivated, authentic, and allows you to speak your strengths.

In today’s connected world, the management and promotion of your personal brand online are essential. Let’s first take a glance at why this can be so important. Research shows that almost all recruiters will check your social media presence to find out more about you and after employee referrals and company websites, social media is that the most significant recruiting tool.

So it’s clear why delivering your brand genuinely and consistently will assist you to stand to move into today’s marketplace. Let’s take a glance now at how you’ll be able to create and build your online presence:

  • Now it’s time to begin developing your online presence. Embracing the proper social media channels will give yourself the most effective chance of being found. Believe what really interests you and in what area you’d prefer to be seen as an expert. Support your passions and interest, form to three (03) topics to specialize in.
  • Next, identify the foremost relevant sites or social media platforms associated with your topics. As an example, if you wish to become a foodie influencer, your audience is possible to get on visual platforms like Instagram or Pinterest. Or to offer people an insight into your business experience in IT, specialise in building your LinkedIn profile and sharing relevant industry-based content other members would find engaging.
  • In addition to social accounts, consider having a private website to assist build your online presence. An internet site allows you complete control over what’s published, and might also help your name rank in SEO results.
  • When it involves publishing content, you don’t need to make out all quickly. Aim to be consistent within the quality of what you post and set time to try and do this regularly. But remember it is not regarding creating and publishing content- building a powerful network of connections of your own brand may also be greatly beneficial to your job search. Always make sure that your personal brand is authentic and a real reflection of who you’re.

Now, it is time to induce started creating and managing your personal brand online. Suppose how you’ll be able to put your best foot forward to impress recruiters and begin exploring which channels are the most effective fit for your online presence.

Step: #4.  How to structure your job search

Managing your job search can look like a critical project, but with the proper approach and tools, you will be ready to do that effectively and efficiently. In this step, we’ll explain about:

  • What tools & technique can assist you stay responsive to job opportunities as they’re published?
  • How networking both online and offline can assist you expand the reach of your job search?
  • Basic management approaches to tracking your job search from beginning to end

When you’re trying to find a job in Kolkata or anywhere in India, there are many websites and tools available online to assist you. So where do you start? The trick searching out what’s best for your job search:

In this step, you’ll find out how to line up your job search and keep track of it – so you save time and find a suitable job faster.

  • Before diving in, take a flash to have confidence in the type of job that you’re curious about in order that you’ll be able to really focus your search.
  • Pick three industries you’re curious about then choose some companies that appeal to you most within those industries.
  • With this list in mind, start Google & other online job alerts to induce the most recent news and articles about these industries and companies delivered straight to your inbox. You may spot unexpected job opportunities and you’ll also look well informed at interviews once you can mention the most recent industry developments.
  • Next up are online job boards. Use the Google search engine to research these – there are many available so try taking a similar approach as before and choose the two (02) or three most relevant to you.
  • Keep in mind that over half all job vacancies are filled by personal connections and word of mouth. So while it’s important to use for jobs online, developing your network may also play a great part in your success.
  • Tell your friends, family, and former colleagues about your job search. Even though they don’t involve in the industry you’re curious about, they may be ready to introduce you to someone who does.
  • Also consider attending industry events or conferences, which is another way to create new, relevant contacts.
  • Many companies and their employees post job opportunities on social media before they seem on job boards, so it’s worth following their profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.
  • LinkedIn is one of the most work-focused social networks online and can allow you to create a network with people supported their jobs or the industries they add. This suggests the content published and shared there’s more likely to assist your job search – just remember to stay your connections relevant and focused on your job goals.
  • Once you create contacts offline, remember to right away add them to your LinkedIn network while the connection continues to be fresh in both your minds – it’s a good thanks to keeping conversations going.
  • You may also hunt for LinkedIn Groups relevant to the roles you’re searching for. Groups allow people with common work interests to return together and discuss industry developments, additionally as share interesting content and jobs. If you’ve got something valuable to feature to the conversation, contribute to group discussions – this may assist you to get your name out and maybe even help foster new connections.

Apart from above you could also start the same spreadsheet for your contacts, listing their name, company, and contact details, how you connected, and whether you wish to follow up with them so that’s the way to save time and find the proper job faster. Remember to figure out which type of job or industry is correct for you, then focus your online search on the relevant jobs—and keep connecting with those who can help make your plans a reality.

Step: #5. Prepare for your job interview

Coming to your interview prepared, relaxed and informed are often the difference you wish to essentially make that lasting impression. In this step, we’ll cover:

  • What to try and do before the interview to assist you to anticipate questions you will be asked?
  • Tips on the way to stay relaxed during the interview
  • What you’ll do post-interview to demonstrate your motivation for the role?

Landing that all-important interview is an exciting moment and most essential step towards realising your goal.

In this step, we’ll share some tips about preparing for the most important day, staying relaxed during the interview itself and leaving a long-lasting impression that may assist you to stand out from the group.

Preparing yourself for a job in Kolkata or anywhere in India interview may be the difference between giving in to worry and impressing your future employer. Treat the interview as a conversation between two people instead of as a series of formal questions and answers. It’s an opportunity for both your potential employer and you to make your mind up if you’re the proper suitable one another.

With that in mind, let’s take a glance at some things to have confidence before the most important day.

  • First, research about the industry/company and the job you’re being interviewed for and ensure you’re clear on what the role involves, the talents/skills required and why you’d make a suitable candidate.
  • Always walk into an interview knowing the way to articulate how you’ll be able to add value to the employer, and if possible, with samples of how you’ll be able to help answer their needs.
  • It’s also worthwhile to do searching for before who are going to be interviewing you in order that you’ll be able to tailor your approach to their needs. As an example, an HR manager will often seek for different skills than, say, your potential line manager—so attempt to imagine what’s important to them.

Next, attempt to anticipate the questions you’ll be asked. Here are some of the foremost common interview questions, but make sure to research whether there are any questions particular to your industry or role:

  • What are you able to tell about yourself?
  • Can you brief about your strengths?
  • What weaknesses do you have?
  • Where do you see yourself after five years from now or after joining this company?
  • Why do you want to join this company?

When considering your answers, ensure you do not go straight to the solutions but you usually tell a story where you explain your thought process. Including data and concrete examples will assist you to prove your points. Prepare your answers earlier and practice delivering them aloud in order that you’ll be able to approach the large day confidently.

It’s also worthwhile to arrange inquiries to ask during the interview. Not only will this assist you to learn more about the KRA that’s on offer, but it’ll also show potential recruiters that you’re highly interested and engaged. Remember that interviews are most impressed by candidates who can think on their feet and raise clarification where needed.

Right before you head into the interview, specialise in staying calm and relaxed. Arrive early and take an instant to assemble your thoughts. Taking deep breaths and exhaling slowly will help relax your body and mind.

During the interview, bear in mind 70% of your communication is nonverbal. So remember to stay eye contact, smile, stay up straight and write relevant notes. Also, try to not cross your arms, as this may encounter as defensive.

After the interview, consider sending a reliable ‘thank you’ email to the interviewer, which is able to demonstrate to them that you just appreciate their time, your professionalism and the way much you actually want the job in Kolkata or anywhere in India.

As well as thanking the interviewer for his or her time, use the e-mail as a chance to showcase your understanding of the role. End with a friendly and clear sign-off, like “I look forward to hearing from you soon”, or something similar.

With the following tips, you’ll soon feel fully prepared and prepared to create a good first impression on your future employer. Good luck!

How to find a recruitment consultant to get a suitable opportunity for you?

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To get the job opportunity from our side, you may submit your updated CV in MS word format only. Our recruitment team will get in touch with you, once your CV will be shortlisted from our recruitment team.

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